Third Party Email

AHLA has third party email opportunities to reach AHLA members who have opted in to receive these communications.

This is your opportunity to provide content of your choice in a separate email that goes directly to our audience.


Over 2,400 subscribers (members and non-members)




  • Advertiser to provide HTML for AHLA to load into template

  • Content due 2 weeks before send date

AHLA_Third Party Emails.png

AHLA Disclaimer
AHLA reserves the right to refuse any advertiser, at any time, with or without cause. In general, AHLA will not accept advertising opportunities whereby the product/service being advertised:

  • Directly competes with a current AHLA publication, conference, webinar, program, etc. or any AHLA product/service in production

  • Is held 30 days before a topically related AHLA conference/webinar or the association’s annual meeting

  • Supports or advocates in favor of a political or public policy or from an organization that primarily identifies with a particular political or public policy

  • Insinuates the endorsement/participation/approval of AHLA for the content within the ad or in any way describes a relationship between the advertiser and AHLA that does not exist

  • Would not be of interest to the general health law professional

AHLA ultimately controls scheduling of all emails but will work with the advertiser to ensure placement time frame meets the goals of the advertiser. AHLA, at their discretion, may place a disclaimer on any advertisement.