Editorial Calendar 2020

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Month Feature Articles
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January Business Law and Governance, Top Ten Consultants 11/6/19 11/20/19
February Post-Acute and Long Term Services, Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions 11/25/19 12/11/19
March Tax and Finance and Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Compliance 1/2/20 1/15/20
April Hospitals and Health Systems Annual Meeting Preview/AI issue 1/29/20 2/12/20
May Fraud and Abuse
Consultants 3/4/20 3/18/20
June Health Care Liability and Litigation and Physicians
Risk Management Tools 4/1/20 4/8/20
July Behavioral Health Task Force
Top Honors 4/29/20 5/13/20
August Antitrust
Spotlight on Leaders 5/27/20 6/10/20
September Health Information and Technology and Health Care Reform Task Force
Law Schools
6/30/20 7/15/20
October Payers, Plans, and Managed Care Litigation 7/29/20 8/12/20
November Labor and Employment Forensics and Expert Witness 9/2/20 9/16/20
December In-House Counsel and Life Sciences
Resource Guide
9/30/20 10/14/20